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Moth Control

Moth Control Infestations

Moth Control are one of the most destructive pests. That is why, we start the treatment with Moth Control.

Moth Control

Moth Control

Moth Control and make it hollow from the inside, and create wrinkles in timber.

Moth Control Services

Moth Control Services

We have the best team for Moth Control Services that help you in various ways.

Moth Control Adelaide

Moth Control Adelaide

Professional Moth Control Service Team For Hiring In Adelaide

Moths may appear to be harmless pests but they are actually harmful. They attack your clothes, foodstuff and fabrics like wool, fur and leather too. So, if you are also facing problems related to moths on your property, seek professional advice! Moth Control Adelaide is popular among Adelaide homes and buildings owners for professional moth control services.

Even if you are suspecting any moth infestation at your residence, consider calling us for the same day moth inspection service. Our moth control Adelaide team uses cutting-edge technology for giving the best results. Not just this, all of our moth control treatments are economical and pocket-friendly. Call 08 7100 9071 for bookings!

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Behaviour Of Moths: Know Moths More

Moths have a thick hairy body and somewhat earth-tone texture. Usually, they are active at night time and prefer wooden habitats. Most moth species have long tongues that they use for sucking nectar and related fluids.

Moreover, moth larvae are darker in colour, usually brown. Identifying moths is never a tough task. They look similar to butterflies but a nasty one.

Moth Control Adelaide

How To Avoid Moths At Your Property?

You must know a few materials that attract moths so that they stay off your home/workplace. All dirty, rough woody items and moist areas attract moths. Have a look at a few tips and tricks to avoid moths:

  • In warmer summers, keep an eye on the darker sections of your wardrobe and kitchen areas.
  • You can keep blankets, carpets, fur objects and woollen garments in sealed pouches and bags.
  • Use mothballs in your wardrobes and cupboards.
  • Avoid storing foodstuffs for longer periods of time. Moreover, keep your food items in airtight containers.
  • Clothes must be cleaned regularly since soiled clothing attracts moths.
  • Use screens or doors to decrease the chances of moths flying inside your property.

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Need a complete solution for bed bugs control for home, commercial areas, and public properties! Call us on 08 7100 9071 to hire our Moth Controllers in Adelaide and nearby locations.

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How Can We Help You With Effective Moth Control Adelaide Service?

Moth Control Adelaide is Adelaide's leading moth pest management company. We have local moth inspectors and exterminators to provide Residential moth control and Commercial moth control services. Our moth control Adelaide experts are proficient in offering all kinds of moth treatments like- Emergency moth control services, Pre-purchase moth inspection, end of lease pest inspection and removal and Same day moth control services, etc.

Our moth treatment plan generally includes- a thorough inspection of the property, formation of a detailed moth treatment plan, setting of prices of service and final application. In addition to this, we always make sure that our treatments of managing moths are performed with utmost care and using non-toxic solutions. Feel free to schedule an appointment with us anytime!

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We are Local and Same Day Moth Control Service Providers In Adelaide

We are a locally based moth control company in Adelaide with licensed and trained pest controllers. We offer delightful services to our Adelaide clients by using the best tools and techniques. Moreover, the same day work basis is our specialty! Our moth exterminators are super friendly and can even customise a service for you.

Furthermore, our all-time availability gives you the benefit to call any time. Yes, we take moth treatment bookings 24x7. We are even available on weekends and public offs. So, let our professional moth extermination specialists help you in getting a moth free property! Book us now!

Moth Control Adelaide

Why Must You Call Us For Moth Control Adelaide Services?

We not only aim to deliver moth treatments that give you quick results but also add barriers so that you enjoy long-lasting pest-free places. Major benefits that our clients enjoy on booking us for any type of moth pest treatment are:

Emergency Services

We are open on Saturdays and Sundays, weekdays and any other day to take care of your emergency moth extermination needs.

Prompt Response

Rapid responses is what we are famous for. Our 24*7 customer support actively responds to your calls and bookings

Immediate Results

All of our moth treatments show immediate and satisfactory results.


Keeping your budget in consideration, we have kept our service charges low and affordable for all.


Being licensed, talented and specialists, we ensure you receive a moth treatment with utmost professionalism.


We are flexible at our work. This makes you choose us at the time of your suitability and convenience.


  • Is moth infestation dangerous to humans?

    Yes, the moth spoiled the food items and leftover the cocoon. Because of that humans and pets cause allergic reactions. Due to the intake of moth-infested food humans can cause intestinal infection.

  • Can I get a moth control service for my backyard in Adelaide?

    Yes, definitely we have special plans for residential moth control services. Our professional team will visit your place with all innovative instruments and make your property moth-free. We provide moth control services in Adelaide and nearby places with low budget prices.

  • Do your Moth control services are very costly?

    No, our company is the right place to contact for effective moth control services at an economic price. We customized the moth control plans according to your needs. Moreover, our company is quite popular in Adelaide to provide a moth treatments service with effective cost.